don’t know much about death or what happens after death. But, if it were allowed, if it were possible, when I die, I’d like to have one thing from this world to take with me: music- a constant acoustic melody in my ear.

So, once I’m gone, I wouldn’t feel as much lonely as I’ve often felt at home. Besides, if I really think about it, it would be nice to look upon the home I once had; its beauty and serenity both amplified by the music humming in my ear. Wouldn’t that be nice?

If it were the case , then death, when it comes, would seem more desirable than life; and I’d be eagerly waiting to go.


Neigh, we don’t want to be part of it.


Thoughts Of May

It's hard to breath than usual.
They've put a bridle, it hurts.
With the pain everywhere I look is blurred.
Pa oh, Pa, I am heavy dressed in armor.
They give me measured water - say it's not all for me -
and it tastes sour -

They say I’ll get used to it - to the sounds of metal clashing to the rage of fire blazing everywhere I go - Pa, I don't like this; take me back to the meadow. How did you breath when the flames soared And these men: who run around with their swords, Flashing steel under the merciless sun, and I can't see a thing; they tug my rein and I run - not further out of the circle of chaos; but towards it, towards its core- and I see no glory - only fury - that fuels their untamed foe and…

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blisters on my heart.

All I wish I could be is a 
word out of your tongue - a 
song unsung - all I dreamt I'd ever have - is you
with(in) me.
But now I'm through-
Trying to save myself from this wreck that is you!
Trying to convince myself I've changed, 
You - you told me things and they frightened me,
I wanted to run, but you wanted me tamed. 
I wanted to scream; but I didn't, I stayed,
Hushed under your crumpled sheets I lay. 

It was night. I couldn't sleep. The room was dark
and I couldn't see- 
Then your phone blew up and
the light from its screen,
showed me the contours of 
your lips and cheeks, of your arm and thighs - I
couldn't breathe.

I silently felt the warmth 
your body emanated, the strength it kind of fixated 
at the tip of my fingers.
It wasn't electrifying, no - not really -
't was rather a curious sensation 
like a warm wave flowing through the depths of my veins.
He didn't move, he didn't stir, so I lifted my head
though my vision was blurred-
I kissed his neck, his bare back, and his shoulders -it wasn't enough- 
my insides vibrated - left me feeling as though my bones had splintered.
I couldn't sleep- no - not because his bloody phone kept vibrating
against a wooden table,
I triumphed momentarily when I managed to shut my eyes,
but my nerves kept me up at night- 
I felt a tingle every time
that warm wave kept swirling inside - draining my life.

And he- he was soundly asleep- unaware of the blisters -
unaware of the passion that boiled in me.

                                   - Su De Zoysa


earth to land on

only this January,
t'wasn't long ago,  
when a familiar wind passed me
and i felt so sure.
i wanted to dip my feet
into this pool of water,
t'was something like a pond,
but in my heart i thought
i'd never find its earth to land on,
at least, not without drowning
till i was gone.
only to realize t'wasn't 
a pool of water with great depth,
nor a pond,
but a shallow stretch of water
flowing peacefully by
reflecting the January sky.
for t'wasn't deep,
and t'wasn't long 
before my sole did touch the ground,
and my heart drowned,
without effort,
without love. 
                                                        19th July 2017


Might he?

It’s a wonderful month to fall for someone-

It’s a wonderful feeling when you don’t see it coming,

It stirs, twists, churns my insides-I’m not sure if he feels the same

Whether he’ll turn away-say no.

Winter keeps most people in, while it elbows me out-out the door, into a knee-deep snow,

Pray it never ends- a feeling so good.

Pray he feels the same- pray he doesn’t say no.

-Su De Zoysa


Many a day and night pass by and confusion still lingers in the hall, in my bedroom, wherever I go.

Don’t write too much for it reveals the contents of your soul to men, women and children unknown.

Hide from the world’s watchful eyes for they seek not to admire you, they seek only to devour you.

Don’t you know that already, my gullible soul?

Aren’t you ever so eager to leap without knowing where you’ll fall?

Aren’t you ever so forgetful of the wounds that brought you home?

But no, no one nor your past can ever seek to contain your spirit

so off you run again to find new roads,

with an open heart that of an unsullied child exploring the world.

-Su De Zoysa

sun kissed petals

she opened up

like sun kissed petals

that bloom in the morn,

to his embrace, to his half-drawn breaths that fanned her neck..

she blossomed within; lost for breath, her skin did melt, her scarlet lips did imprint a kiss on his untrimmed cheek, her eyelashes wet, her arms coiled around his neck, her fingers running wild clasping his head..

like blossoms turning toward the sun

she turned feverishly to him so young..

-Su De Zoysa